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Horizontal carousels are used wherever it is essential to store and retrieve goods quickly, reliably, and cost-effectively, whether in the area of production or distribution or for applications with high retrieval rates or moderately fast- and slow-moving goods.

Fast reaction times, high throughput, and short delivery periods – those are just some of the things that distribution centers require from modern and efficient storage logistics. This is precisely where the automated horizontal carousels from Kardex Remstar come into play: They can be flexibly adapted to deal with all of these tasks and permit optimal processing of picking orders.

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Horizontal Carousel

“Goods to Person” Principle
Whatever goods you store – a reliable storage and retrieval system significantly reduces manpower requirements and warehousing costs. Like all Kardex Remstar storage and retrieval systems, the Horizontal carousels also work in line with the “goods to person” principle, increasing efficiency, making optimal use of the storage space, and preventing order picking errors. In addition, the quantitative throughput can be significantly improved even further by means of batch picking.

Another advantage: All units belonging to one station work simultaneously, guaranteeing permanent access to the goods and reducing waiting times to a minimum. Warehouse management is all about speed and efficiency, making the Horizontal Carousels from Kardex Remstar the ideal choice.