We {Engineer|Design}, {Supply|Sell|Distribute} & {Maintain|Service} Conveyors

{Are you {thinking about|considering|in the market for} a conveyor system? {Speak with|Talk to|Meet with} {an expert|a professional} at Raymond West Automation to {learn about|hear about|discuss} your {choices|options|application}. |Raymond West Automation {features|offers|provides} a {full|comprehensive|complete} {selection|line} of conveyor {solutions|equipment|options}.} {{If|Whether} you need {basic|simple|ordinary} {moveable|portable} conveyors for {loading|unloading|loading and unloading} {trucks|trailers}, or {a complete|a comprehensive|an entire} {storage|warehouse} automation {plan|design} and {deployment|implementation|roll out}, {Raymond|Raymond West Automation} has the {knowledge|expertise} and the {means|resources} to {do the job right|do the job properly|get the job done right}.|{Raymond West Automation|Raymond} has the resources and {knowledge|expertise|know-how} to {engineer|plan|design} the {optimal|ideal|perfect} {solution|system} for your {enterprise|operation|facility}, from entire {DCs|distribution centers} to {simple|basic|standalone} {moveable|portable} conveyors for {loading|unloading|loading and unloading} {trailers|trucks}.} {{Raymond’s|Our} {project advisor|consulting} and {design|engineering} {units|groups|teams} are {the most qualified|among the most knowledgeable|among the best} in the {industry|business}, and {Raymond is|we are} one of the largest material handling {suppliers|vendors|equipment suppliers} in the {West|western United States|western US}.|{Raymond is|We are} {one of|among} the largest material handling {suppliers|vendors|equipment distributors|equipment suppliers|equipment dealers} in the {western United States|western US|West}, and our {project advisor|consulting} and {design|engineering} {units|groups|teams} are {the most qualified|among the most knowledgeable|some of the best in the business}.} {{Raymond offers|We offer|Raymond provides|We provide} {complete|end-to-end|full} {layout|design} and {technical|engineering} services for projects both {small and large|large and small}.|From {complex|massive|gigantic} projects to small {commonplace|everyday|day-to-day} jobs, {Raymond West Automation offers|Raymond offers|we offer} {complete|end-to-end|full} {layout|design} and {technical|engineering} services for all {manner of clients|types of customers|categories of businesses}.}

{If you're {evaluating|considering|thinking about} a conveyor {implementation|project|roll out}, {Raymond|Raymond West Automation|our team} can {assist with|help you build|map out} {a return on investment|an ROI} {framework|model} and {establish|prepare|develop} {a deployment|a roll out|an implementation} {outline|schedule|plan}.|Raymond's experts can help you develop an ROI model and put together an implementation plan for any type of conveyor project. } {{Request|Schedule|Set up} a {no obligation|free} {consulting session|consultation} with one of our conveyor {professionals|experts|engineers} today to {review|discuss|talk about} {applications|possibilities}, costs, and {return on investment|ROI models}.|{Contact|Call|Get in touch with} us {now|today} to {request|schedule} a {free|no obligation} {consulting session|consultation} on {possibilities|applications}, costs and {potential return on investment|ROI models} for your conveyor project.}


Belt Conveyors

Raymond features a wide range of belt conveyor options:
  • Slider bed
  • Roller bed
  • All belt materials
  • Special applications
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Roller Conveyors

  • Line-shaft conveyors
  • Belt-driven roller
  • Motorized roller / MDR
  • Segmented belt
  • Transportation
  • Accumulation
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Gravity Conveyor

Raymond supplies all types of gravity conveyor options:
  • Gravity roller systems
  • Skate wheel conveyors
  • Chute conveyors

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We supply a complete range of sortation types:
  • Sliding shoe sorters
  • Tilt tray / cross belt
  • Pop up wheel sorters
  • Activated belt
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Truck Conveyors

Raymond offers mobile & truck loading/unloading systems:
  • Flexible conveyors
  • Telescopic conveyors
  • Traversing conveyors
  • Mobile reconfigurable
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Automatic Label / Weigh / Dimension

Raymond offers systems for automated labeling, weighing and dimensioning parcels:
  • All-in-one scan, weigh, dimension and print-apply shipping stations
  • Integrates with ERP and mutli-carier systems
  • Replace 4-6 manual stations with one automated solution
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#state:t# Conveyor {Maintenance, Repair and Parts|Repair, Maintenance and Parts|Parts, Repair & Maintenance}​

{Whether you need emergency repair, or scheduled maintenance for your conveyor system, Raymond West Automation is the company to call.|Raymond West Automation should be your first call for scheduled maintenance or emergency repair of your conveyor system.} {With {branches|locations|offices|facilities} {throughout|across|spanning} 8 western states, including #state:t#, we have an elite {team|unit|squad|crew} of {certified|highly trained|qualified} conveyor {experts|professionals|technicians} {available at any time|at your disposal} in #city:t#. And we {service|handle|work with} all conveyor {brands|makes|manufacturers}.|{Raymond maintains|We service|Raymond West Automation works with} all {categories|types} of conveyors, {regardless of|no matter} the {brand|manufacturer|make} or model. Our elite {team|unit|squad|crew} of {certified|highly trained} conveyor {experts|professionals|technicians} covers all of #state:t#, including #city:t#.} {We also {feature|maintain|boast} one of the {most comprehensive|largest|best-stocked} {parts|material handling parts} {departments|divisions} in #state:t#, meaning we have {easy|speedy|readily available} access to {nearly|almost} any conveyor {component|part|part number} you need, {at the time|when} you need it.|We can {rapidly|quickly} {obtain|procure|source} {part numbers|parts} for {almost|nearly} any conveyor equipment, and our parts {division|department} {maintains|has} one of the one of the {most comprehensive|largest|best-stocked} parts {divisions|departments} in #state:t#.} {{Having your {conveyor equipment|conveyor system} {down|out of service|unavailable} is expensive|Conveyor {equipment|system} downtime is costly}.|{Having your {conveyor equipment|conveyor systems} sidelined is {costly and a terrible waste of resources|inconvenient and costly}|{Inoperable|Idle} {conveyor systems|conveyors} mean money down the drain}.} {When you need {service|the job|maintenance|repair and maintenance} done {promptly|quickly|at once}, and {completed|done} {properly|right} {on the first visit|the first time}, make {Raymond|Raymond West Automation} your first {choice|call}!|{Contact|Call} {Raymond|Raymond West Automation} to get your {conveyors|conveyor systems|conveyor equipment} back {in service|up and running} {rapidly|fast|quickly}. You’ll be glad you did!}